BOOK LAUNCH: Letters to Eleven Artists, Dead and Living


This is the companion book to the covers album from 2017, marking the completion of the covers project. This year-long musical/writing process has been an attempt to connect with the work and spirit of artists who have influenced me in my 33 years, to absorb their essence and strengthen my own artistic voice moving forward.

Special thanks to Nathan at McNally Robinson Self-Publishing for his excellent consultation and cover design.


From the Preface to “Letters to Eleven Artists, Dead and Living” by Stephen Haiko-Pena

The eleven letters that make up this book were indeed sent to their respective recipients, or closest living relative in the case of those deceased. They are primarily stand-alone pieces but do have a general thematic flow, culminating in the letter to Dylan.

As an appendix to this work I’ve included a collection of poems, written in one ecstatic night during my first year of university: Les Champignons Mystérieuses. I acknowledge the input of my then-roommate Cosmus and our Turkish friend Ali.


Click on the name of an artist to listen to my cover on YouTube. My sister, Sarah Haiko, is featured on most tracks:

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