• Burns from Beyond: A Choral Telling Of The Falcon Lake Incident (2018)
    • Choral: SSA OR SATB, flute, violin and piano (15 mins)
    • Based on the account from 1967: “My Encounter with the UFO” by Stefan Michalak, a Polish Canadian.
  • The Adventures of Nina
    • Nina and the Disappearance of the Rabbit Dancers (2015)
    • Nina and the Giant of Juba Forest (2017)
      • These are children’s stories set in the the Rabbit Queen’s Kingdom, centering on my two dogs: Nina and Milo.
      • The reading is broken up with vocal and piano parts written to be performed entirely by young musicians.
      • I have put these shows on numerous times with my own students. 
  • Pinawa Love Songs (2016)
    • This is a pop/folk album meant to mytholigize a celebrated Manitoba attraction: The Old Pinawa Dam, a now defunct pioneer of hydro-electricity.
  • The Arlington Bridge Story (2018)
    • For bass-baritone and piano. An exploration of the wide-held belief (at one time) that Winnipeg’s Arlington Street Bridge was originally built to span the Nile.

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